New White Labeling Feature Gives Verix Customers Unprecedented Customizability

October 19, 2019

Today we are announcing the launch of a new white labeling feature for Verix. Traditionally, customers have been required to use our default user experience when integrating the Verix Connect module in their front end environment. We’re very proud of the experience we’ve designed with Connect. It’s been rigorously tested against thousands of users, and we strongly believe it delivers an optimal tradeoff of simplicity and rates of verification success.

That being said, we understand that many customers want to deliver slightly different experiences based on the nature of their application and their vision for an integration with Verix in the context of their business model. Some of our customers have very tightly designed applications and want every aspect of the user experience to deliver a unified aesthetic. Other customers care less about maximizing verification success and instead prefer streamlining the user experience, even at the expense of conversion.

We want to be able to meet our customers where they are and deliver a product that fits exactly what they want. With that in mind, we decided to launch an extensive set of white labeling and UX customization capabilities. We can now offer a custom Verix Connect UX for each of our customers - with project-specific colors, image assets, fonts, and text in many areas.

In early deployments of our new white labeling feature, we’ve heard very positive feedback from our customers. We’ve launched white labeled projects into production across mortgage, home equity line of credit, and legal services markets, and we’re excited to see going forward what else developers seek to achieve with this new and improving capability.

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