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Pull full employment and gross income detail - not an estimate



Get data in real-time - stop waiting for calls or doc uploads

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Switch to fully verified data that's encrypted end-to-end

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Drastically reduce the time to close, the cost to originate, and the attrition in your application funnel.

Personal Loans

Maximize VOI coverage with verification for everyone - from the self-employed to multiple wage earners.

Credit Cards

Increase credit card application approvals and more optimally set personal credit limits.

Government & Legal

Satisfy income and employment requirements for many government & legal applications.

A UX That's Simple & Highly Customizable

Stop making your users wet sign paper forms or manually upload documents.

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// Get tax transcript data in a snap! const axios = require("axios"); const url = ""; const token = "1c50db214f280481b6d9da0faaa20a5f"; const headers = { Authorization: token}; const response = await axios.get(url, { headers: headers }); const taxReturns =;

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